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“UrbanPolo: It’s Tee Thing” is a private-label under the parent company V&S Enterprises. V&S Started off as a Manufacturer and Supplier of Corporate Uniforms located in Surat, Gujarat. Our journey started with supply of few hundreds pieces of t-shirts to corporate and industries. That’s when we added T-shirts to our portfolio on make-to-order basis giving birth of UrbanPolo. We aim to be a leading Corporate T-shirts Manufacturer and Supplier in India. But that’s not interesting!!!

Corporate clients across sectors have longed for quality T-shirts along with customization options even for lower quantities. UrbanPolo focuses on serving corporate customers with quality as well as customized range of premium polo and collar t-shirts that are ideal for every employees in various sectors like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Chemicals, Cafe, Restaurants, Textiles, Metal, and so on. Withstanding the all quality parameters – colour fastness, fabric blends, consistency, product shape and sizes, etc, UrbanPolo offers the fine ranges of Polo / Collar t-shirts at affordable rates.

UrbanPolo started with an aim to create a premium products – round-neck T-shirts and Polo at great pricing (unfortunately not free). With focus on just not-so-important parameters of T-shirts like Great Fabric, Great Stitching and Great Comfort, we work hard each day to give a great makeover to your wardrobe. And that  has made UrbanPolo one of the  most preferred and trusted Corporate T-shirts Manufacturer and Supplier among various industrial and corporate sectors.

From wide range of colours, sizes and styles, everything is aimed at providing a great buying experience that exceeds your expectations. As your wardrobe partner, we are committed towards excellence. Following an adage “Kabil Bano, Kkamyabi jhak marke piche aayegi”, we focus on excellence and make your purchase a happy experience.

We will keep expanding our collection and be with you, Always (obviously as your partner-in-crime i.e. your comfortable attire). So if, by any change, you’re looking for outstanding Polos, you have landed at correct address.

Featured Products

    Corporate T-shirts Manufacturer and Supplier

    what makes UrbanPolo a preferred choice among corporate?


    Select from 25+ Colour Options that are regularly available with us.

    Option to choose from 180 GSM to 250 GSM Fabric

    round neck t shirts bu UrbanPolo India Surat
    Premium Corporate Polo - Embroidered T-shirts - Manufacturer and Supplier - Gujarat - India


    Each of our piece for Corporate are customized on individual basis. 

    Hence you can practically design your own product as per your choices.

    Corporate Focused

    Corporate Polo T shirts are designed after closely observing and analyzing the requirements of corporate clients across various sectors.

    We meticulously design products keeping in long range requirements of  corporate clients.

    Premium Corporate Polo - Embroidered T-shirts - Manufacturer and Supplier - Gujarat - India
    Premium Corporate Polo - Embroidered T-shirts - Manufacturer and Supplier - Gujarat - India

    Quality * Consistency

    Offering quality products and maintaining the consistency has been our focus and genesis of UrbanPolo.

    At UrbanPolo, you no longer have to worry about the product consistency for quality, pattern and color variations.